Two Ways To Prevent Rust Damage

Because cars are made with metal, and they are exposed to all kinds of weather, rust should be a concern for any car owner or mechanic. The undercarriage of a car, in particular, is one place that rust can take hold. If left unchecked, this rust can eat away at the floor panels, axles, and other integral components. Paint can also deteriorate over time, and as it does, the exposed door panels can begin to rust.

Repairing Tarp Tears When On The Road

A tarp system makes covering your load much quicker and easier, which means your drivers are much more likely to do so correctly. Not only does this protect the items you are transporting, but in some states it's the law to keep loads – especially items like gravel – under cover during transport. The following guide can help you manage any damage that occurs, allowing you to protect your investment in working tarp systems.